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January 19, 2023

January 2023 Patch Notes

We’re starting the Lunar New Year off with a bang (cue firework). The event will run from the 22nd of January to the 6th of February.

Event Notes

New Features

  • New Cosmetics Screen:The cosmetics screen has been reworked to house an emote loadout. Each player will start out with 5 emotes, and can earn more through earning red envelopes or purchasing them in the store.

  • New Pixie Colors: Pixies now come in black, white, and orange.

  • New Items In The Store: You can now purchase single costume items and emotes in the store.

  • Misc:

    • Added compendium and tutorials to the Home Screen

    • Added and improved audio on many UI elements


  • Additional Languages Added: Trust No Bunny is now available in simplified and traditional Chinese.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug where Patchy’s Tools did not include the item’s buff when playing more than three 1’s (thanks Anno for spotting this!)

Next Up

  • Stats! We’ll start off with player wins for each item, quirk, and mutation. We’ll make improvements from there based on community feedback.

  • After stats we’ll be looking at some gameplay changes, including:

    • Buffing Snap Trap 2000
    • General balance
    • Find a way to penalize ‘passing’ when you’re the mayor
    • Some UX improvements to better signal when you ARE the mayor
    • Improve Accuse