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February 19, 2023

February 2023 Patch Notes

This week kicks off the Steam Mystery Fest - An event dedicated to games involving deduction and I presume rabbit intrigue.

Event Notes

New Features

  • New Stats Screen: Ever wonder which item gets you the most wins? Or if you really DO never win as Werebunny? The all new Stats Screen will show you which Mutations, Quirks, and Items you’re winning with. We’ll be starting everyone out from 0 wins when the patch goes live - This will not affect your regular account level.

  • New Renown System: Going hand in hand with new Stats is the Renown system. In a nutshell you unlock medals as you win games. Renown levels will be visible to other players in the lobby. You’ll earn Renown Points for winning games in each of the new Stats categories - Winning games as Townsfolk or with Patchy’s Tools for example. Starting from a lowly wooden token you’ll progress through the ranks, unlocking Bronze, Gold, and Ruby Medals among others. Can you make the Illustrious Pinnacle Medal yours?

  • Dev Note:
    Hi there! This update brought some pretty exciting things to Trust No Bunny. One of those is the new Stats panel on your profile screen. This screen gives you an at-a-glance look at how your wins break down. Do you tend to win a lot with a specific item? Does one mutation seems to work better for you than the others?
    In designing how to display stats, one of the first forks in the road we came to was whether or not to show wins as a percentage. In the end we opted not to, for the following reason. While Trust no Bunny is on its face a game of lying and scheming, at it’s core it’s a game that plays best when everyone is having fun and feeling comfortable. If players begin to worry about who our partners are for fear of a possible win rate loss, that’s where the fun begins to break down for many.
    That’s not to say there isn’t room for the more competitive aspect of stats. We’ll be tracking all the relevant data on the backend, so it’s possible we could end up using it for seasonal tournaments or something like that.

    Until then, keep catching those Werebunnies - Ratman

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Email verification process and found some bugs while we were at it.

    Next Up

      • Finding a solution for keyboard bleed(push-to-talk, secret mute?)
      • Visual polish: Bring lobby visuals more in line with game visuals, take care of the in-game settings menu once and for all
      • Gameplay updates: Balance quirks, make sabotage useful
      • improve server stability