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June 15, 2022

Starting today - Wednesday June 15 to Sunday June 18 – is a special event we’re calling “Open House.” It’s a series of streams, events, and Pixi costume giveaways to celebrate the official beginning of Trust No Bunny’s alpha, and bring more people into our growing community!

Read on for more details – and how you can get involved!

The Schedule

Make sure to connect your Twitch account with your Friendly Pixel account in order to claim the costume drops!

Date & time Event Special
June 16th
6AM(PT) Mr. SamSee Twitch Stream Bow tie
12PM(PT) Costume Design Contest Open
1PM(PT) Luzapalooza Twitch Stream Icecream Hat
June 16th
5:30PM(PT) Friendly Pixel and Friends The Pugilist
June 17th

In addition to the partnered streams above, anyone can stream Trust No Bunny during this event and drop the Hot Tub item to their viewers! Here’s what you need to do:

We’re also creating exclusive custom costume drops as well for anyone who wants to officially partner with us. Send us a DM on Twitter, Discord, or Twitch to get more details & design your own costume part!

We’re celebrating Trust No Bunny entering alpha with the best gift of all: free stuff! Grab these costume parts with just a few clicks:

Unlock the PixiBot Costume Set by following us on socials

Unlock the Golden Horns by inviting a friend into the Discord

Share your outfit ideas, vote for your favorites, and then tune in as we reveal the players’ top pick live on stream on Sunday June 18! Plus: if your idea is chosen by the community, you’ll unlock it automatically!

Here are the dates to keep in mind: