Who We Are

Friendly Pixel is on a mission to make best-in-class digital board and party games, by making them cross-platform live services that anybody can hop in and play. We’re a highly creative group of game devs, that takes pride not only in how our games play, but also in how they look, sound, and feel. We value simplicity over complexity, creating experiences that can be enjoyed quickly by just about anyone. We’re also gamers ourselves, and make sure that we’re always close to players by endlessly playing the types of games we love to make. Finally, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love to play games and make games, but won’t let our obsession burn us out by ensuring that we work smarter, not harder.

Our Values

Audience first

We pride ourselves in always staying highly connected to our audience. We love playing games, watching streams, and directly interacting with the audiences that we’re serving. We make games accessible to our audience wherever we can, building for multiple platforms and ensuring that players don’t need the latest hardware to engage with our products. Most importantly, we’re always listening to players to see how we can better serve them.

Simple design - polished look

At Friendly Pixel, we think simpler game design is oftentimes better. Our design philosophy emphasizes accessibility, humor, and magic. At the same time, we pride ourselves in making sure that our products look, sound, and feel better than anything else out there in the genres of games that we build in.

Win and lose together

We operate as a team, and no individual is above the group. We think working as a cohesive unit is essential to our success, and so we’re always looking to resolve issues that prevent us from working in lockstep. We love what makes each of us individuals, but we put our audience and the team first.

Get better everyday

We’re constantly looking to get better, both as professionals and as people. We frequently ask ourselves how we can improve, and never cast blame externally. In our interactions with others, we provide constructive feedback in places they can do better, and are generous in our praise for those areas that they’re excelling.

Have fun

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. At the end of the day, we’re making games, and we plan to have a lot of fun doing it. We take breaks when we need to, and we make sure we don’t drive ourselves into the ground. We have an open PTO policy, and we expect everyone to make good use of it.

Meet the Team

We’re always looking to add more friendly faces to our growing team. Drop by the discord to see what we’re about, and shoot us an application here!

Daniel Yoder

Visual Design

Christian Yoder